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19/11/2017, Film

Incredible, emotional film centred around five year old lost in Calcutta and adopted by an Austrialian couple. Must see.


Blade Runner 2049

18/10/2017, Film

Incredibly boring with muddy/miserable aesthetic and grating audio. Can't believe this is from director of Arrival and composer of Dunkirk. Incomparably worse to either. Perhaps could have been salvaged by cutting out half the runtime. Avoid.



29/08/2017, Film

Extraordinary. Utterly compelling, absorbing film; which plays around with time as it builds tension. Sparse dialogue, astonishing production values. Visually and auditorily incredible. A must experience.


Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2

12/08/2017, Film

Disappointing. The original was a fresh comic book twist on space opera, this while genuinely funny on a handful of occasions is generally poor. Reminded me of the also weak Age of Ultron: lacking in tension or interest.


The Lost City of Z

26/07/2017, Film

Tedious, though lavishly realised in places and with a few somewhat interesting scenes. But fails to be anything more than a period recreation.



26/07/2017, Film

Painfully bad and obviously historically inaccurate. An unsympathetic portrayal of Churchill but implausibly as a sentimental, sidelined leader worried about the regular soldiers. Netflix's The Crown has a much more interesting and plausible take on Churchill in decline (when he is back in government); this is just bad. Avoid.


Your Name

30/06/2017, Film

Anime where a rural girl and city boy swap bodies on random days. That alone sounds like an interesting premise, but this film twists in extraordinary ways... one of the best films I've seen this year. It also happens to have beautiful visuals. A must watch.



17/04/2016, Game

Incredible puzzle game; innovative use of multitouch, beautiful graphics with an amazingly tactile experience and genuinely interesting, 3D spatial manipulation puzzles.


Daredevil (Season 2)

16/04/2016, TV

While there are quite a few scenes where my reaction was roughly "sigh, Daredevil is again clearly going to non-lethally beat the shit out a bunch of interchangeable bad guys"; the major new characters and interesting stories keep it moving. Perhaps would have been better as 10 episodes, but still great stuff. The sustained intensity of this season is incredible and definitely one to watch.



16/04/2016, Film

Dark thriller following freelance crime cameraman chasing 'newsworthy' crime footage in LA, a cynical news editor and a hapless assistant. Really impressive.



15/03/2016, Game

Interesting game in a beautiful, remote US National park. You are part of "Firewatch", left almost entirely alone for summer. Strange things happen and a powerful story is uncovered. (I'm trying not to ruin things.) Definitely one to experience.


Everybody's Gone to the Rapture

15/03/2016, Game

Difficult to review: on the one hand this is an incredible, beautiful audiovisual experience; on the other hand there is no real game, just a (very) slow paced walk around an almost entirely un-interactive village where glowing lights reveal what has happened (everyone is missing). On balance one to avoid, which is a pity as there are some interesting ideas and incredible aesthetics here.



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